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Research Laboratories and Research Groups promote high calibre research, joint research among the Department’s faculty members, and collaborations at the national and international level.

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Institutionalized Laboratories

Laboratory for Applied Economic and Social Policy (LAESP)

LAESP was founded in 2009 and it supports research in the fields of economic and social policy, political economy, economic development and growth, industrial organization, public, health and labor economics. For more information visit the website at:

Applied Informatics and Computational Economics Lab (AICEL)

AICEL was founded in 2017 and it offers various courses (class/lab/online) in the broader area of informatics and economics. AICEL collaborates with other organizations and provides seminars and training to its students. For more information visit the website at:

Laboratory for Business Economics and Decisions (LABED)

LABED was founded in 2020 and it addresses the teaching and research needs at the undergraduate and postgraduate level of the Department of Economics in matters relating to business finance, entrepreneurship, administration, financial, business economics and management decision systems and data
analysis. For more information visit the website at:


Research Groups