Research policy

The research policy of the Department of Economics has evolved in its twenty-year long history in various fields of economics. The main objective is to promote scientific knowledge through research, interdisciplinary and collaborative development.

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Research activity

The research activity of the Department’s faculty members and scientific collaborators includes

  1. publications in international journals, volumes and conferences with referees
  2. the implementation of competitive research-development projects funded by European and national resources
  3. scientific-research actions and synergies with other academic institutions and social partners.

The research policy of the Department is implemented through the following actions:

Upholding a strong level of basic and applied research

Coordinating and/or participating in research projects

Linking research with teaching

Collaborating with domestic and social partners

Promotion of research activities through workshops, conferences and summer schools organized by the Department. The Department organizes an international conference (Ioannina Meeting on Applied Economics and Finance – IMAEF) which takes place in even years and a summer school in advanced economics which takes place in odd years. Furthermore, the Department organizes on a regular basis open speeches on Economics and Society. Finally, faculty members actively participate in national and international conferences and fora.

The research policy of the Department focuses, inter alia, on the following areas:

  • Microeconomic and Macroeconomic Analysis
  • Mathematical Economics and Econometrics
  • Industrial Organization
  • Labor economics
  • Public Economics
  • Economic Growth
  • Financial Economics and Financial Econometrics
  • Environmental Economics
  • International Trade
  • Operational Research and Artificial Intelligence
  • Computational Economics