Technical infrastructure

The Department’s infrastructure is adequate.

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The lectures of most compulsory modules are delivered at the Central Library amphitheater, which has a capacity of about 250 people, located in the left wing of the building.

The 3 foreign language teaching rooms, also used by the faculty members, are located in the same wing.

The Department’s classrooms (4 it total) are located in the right wing of the Central Library building. Three of them have a capacity of about 120 people and the smallest one has a capacity of 90 people.

All classrooms have a whiteboard and a projector for presentations.

All classrooms are also accessible by elevator to facilitate students with mobility problems. Each floor has the required emergency exits.


The Department of Economics is housed in the Central Library building. The left wing of this building houses the offices of the faculty members. All faculty members have their own office, which facilitates both the communication with students and the conduct of their research activity.

There is also an office space for university scholars. The same space is used for meetings between students and faculty members.

There is also an office space, equipped with PCs, which houses doctoral candidates. This office is also used for seminar presentations by researchers from Greece and abroad.

In addition, there is a room where the department’s general assemblies are held.

Finally, there is a common photocopier-printer room to meet educational and research needs.


The Department has two (2) computer labs. A laboratory supervisor assists students if required.

There is also a separate office for technical support.