Undergraduate studies

Τhe undergraduate program includes modules in Greek and in English (for incoming ERASMUS+ students).

Undergraduate Program of Studies

Academic calendar 2022-2023

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Undergraduate Program of Studies

Τhe undergraduate program includes modules in Greek and in English (for incoming ERASMUS+ students).

Each module is taught four hours a week. The Bachelor’s degree is obtained by those students who successfully complete 36 modules. The undergraduate program is structured in two cycles. Cycle A consists of 21 compulsory modules offered in the first five academic semesters. Cycle B consists of elective modules offered in the last 3 semesters. Students are required to choose 5 modules per semester.

Cycle B gives the students the option of selecting one of the following two areas:

  1. Economic Analysis and Policy
  2. Applied Economics and Quantitative Methods


Academic calendar 2020-2021

 Undergraduate program


Winter Semester 2022 – 2023

Start of classes: Monday, 3 October 2022

End of classes: Friday, 13 January 2023

Start of exam period: Monday, 23 January 2023

End of exam period: Friday, 10 February 2023


Spring Semester 2022 – 2023

Start of classes: Monday, 13 February 2023

End of classes: Friday, 26 May 2023

Start of exam period: Tuesday, 6 June 2023

End of exam period: Friday, 30 June 2023



National Holiday: 28/10/2022

Anniversary of Polytechnion: 17/11/2022

Christmas Holidays: 24/12/2022 – 07/01/2023

Celebration of Three Prelates: 30/01/2023

Anniversary of liberation of Ioannina: 21/02/2023

Carnival Holidays: 23/02/2023 – 28/02/2023

National Holiday: 25/03/2023

Easter Holidays: 10/04/2023 – 23/04/2023

May Day:    01/05/2023

Holy Spirit Holiday: 05/06/2023






Course Outlines

1st Semester Modules

Statistics I7,5CompulsorySymeonidispdf1s
Introduction to Economics I7,5CompulsoryTsakirispdf1s
Mathematics for Economists I7,5CompulsorySofronidispdf1s
Introduction to Computational Economics7,5CompulsoryStavrakoudispdf1s

2nd Semester Modules

Introduction to Economics II7,5CompulsorySalamalikipdf1s
Mathematics for Economists II7,5CompulsorySofronidispdf1s
Statistics II7,5CompulsoryHatzinikolaoupdf1s
Data Management and Databases7,5CompulsoryStavrakoudispdf1s

3rd Semester Modules

Microeconomics I7,5CompulsoryBechlioulispdf1s
Macroeconomic Theory I7,5CompulsoryBenospdf1s
Econometrics I7,5CompulsorySimos / Symeonidispdf1s
Accounting I7,5CompulsoryChrysanthopouloupdf1s

4th Semester Modules

Microeconomic Theory II7,5CompulsoryCharistospdf1s
Macroeconomic Theory II7,5CompulsoryLogothetispdf1s
Econometrics II7,5CompulsorySymeonidis / Simospdf1s

5th Semester Modules

Economic History6CompulsoryKaranatsispdf1s
Public Economics I6CompulsoryBenospdf1s
Industrial Organization I6CompulsoryPanagiotoupdf1s
Economic Policy6CompulsoryAdampdf1s
International Monetary Relations and Macroeconomics of Open Economy6CompulsoryMylonidispdf1s
INTERNSHIP PROGRAMME2OptionalMylonidispdf1s

6th Semester Modules

(Students choose 5 modules from the list of modules of the 6th & 8th semester)

7th Semester Modules

(elective courses of which 5 are selected)

Financial Analysis6OptionalMylonidispdf1s
Labour Economics6OptionalChrysanthopouloupdf1s
Economics of Social Protection6OptionalPapaiakovoupdf1s
Environmental and Resource Economics6OptionalChatzistamouloupdf1s
Capital Markets6OptionalSymeonidispdf1s
Economic Applications using Software Packages6OptionalSalamalikipdf1s
Applied financial economics6OptionalSimospdf1s
The Economics of the European Union6OptionalTsakirispdf1s
Economics of Banking6OptionalLogothetispdf1s
Public Economics II6OptionalEmmanouilidispdf1s

8th Semester Modules

(Students choose 5 modules from the list of modules of the 6th & 8th semester)

Mathematical Statistics6OptionalNtritsospdf1s
Statistics III6OptionalNtritsospdf1s
History of Economic Thought I6OptionalKaranatsispdf1s
Economic Growth6OptionalBenospdf1s
International Trade6OptionalTsakirispdf1s
Special Topics on Entrepreneurship6OptionalGoletsispdf1s
Economic Development6OptionalAdampdf1s
Health Economics6OptionalPapaiakovoupdf1s
History of Economic Thought II6OptionalKaranatsispdf1s
Financial Engineering6OptionalSymeonidispdf1s
Agricultural Marketing and Price Analysis6OptionalPanagiotoupdf1s
Applied Econometrics6OptionalEmmanouilidispdf1s
Game Theory6OptionalSofronidispdf1s
English for Banking and Management6OptionalTseligapdf1s
Macroeconomic III6OptionalSalamalikipdf1s
Special Topics in Consumer Behavior6OptionalBechlioulispdf1s
Industrial Organization II6OptionalCharistospdf1s
Energy Economics6OptionalTsitoupdf1s