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The Department of Economics has instituted the appointment of Study Advisors for the students of the Department. The role of Study Advisors is supportive and advisory. Students can contact their Study Advisors in order to be informed and advised on issues related to their studies, as well as the opportunities that exist after completing their studies for postgraduate studies or for a career in the private or public sector. Specifically, the Study Advisor informs and advises students about:

  • the structure of the curriculum, the content of modules and their prerequisite level of knowledge,
  • the areas of specialization offered by the program of studies and the corresponding modules,
  • addressing any problems related to the successful completion of studies,
  • academic and professional prospects, postgraduate programs, labor market,
  • other relevant activities (internships, seminars, competitions, volunteering, etc.) that contribute to knowledge and skills development.

For the academic year 2022-2023, the appointed study advisors are:

1st Year: Tsani Stella (deputy: Hatzinikolaou Dimitrios)
2nd Year: Stavrakoudis Athanasios (deputy: Logothetis Vasileios)
3rd Year: Adam-Adem Antonios (deputy: Bechlioulis Alexandros)
4th Year: Panagiotou Dimitrios (deputy: Goletsis Yorgos)

Students can contact Student Advisors during their office hours