Internship program

Students of the Department may practice in private and wider public sector companies provided they are at least in their 3rd year of study. Internship is optional and it requires the student to work for 2 months full-time. Internship corresponds to two (2) ECTS which do not count to the total number of ECTS required for the completion of the undergraduate degree.

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Internship Program Committee

The Internship Program Committee consists of Professor N. Mylonidis
(program manager for the Department of Economics), Associate Professor
N. Tsakiris (member) and Associate Professor D. Panagiotou (member).


The internship is available for full-time students of the third year and above. Students interested in participating in the internship program are ranked according to the following criteria: A = number of modules that have successfully been completed at the time of application B = number of modules that should have been successfully completed at the time of application, C = average grade of the successfully completed modules at the time of application. Students are ranked according to the following algorithm: